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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 31, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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kuebler has details at the track. >> reporter: it's well documented last year's inaugural grand prix had issues from set up to race to figures on economic impact. it wasn't the bang most for expecting. >> one of the reasons people don't start businesses and host new events, it's scary. mistakes will be made and there could be bad outcomes. >> reporter: he runs the sage policy group, economic policy consulting firm in baltimore. he says the grand prix was and continues to be a risk for baltimore but the reward maybe priceless. the race can grow to be a significant event like the prakness and with more experience should become an efficient way to capitalize on it. >> we could make it more of a net positive by redesigning the
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course so more people are induced to go to federal hill. rather than remaining in the area of the race cars. >> reporter: and spreading the wealth. changes visit baltimore says have been made in year two. >> this is the right team, we are going to see success. >> we may see a small dip in numbers. we gave the guys 100 days. >> reporter: noon nan notes track set up was less of a headache this year, there are exhibits that encourage fans to exit in to business districts and race times for changed to optimize the tours. look beyond this weekend for the true impact. there are 25 convention planners in town, scoping the city for their event. a shrewd and possibly lucrative move. >> some of the folks are looking at us for their own major events and seeing how baltimore can do a huge event
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in a grandiose professionally run way and we will close deals. we are showing off. >> that was brian kuebler reporting. the argument remains though that the true impact of hosting the race can't be quantified, it's only second year, the immediate dollars will be watched from the race. the racees are the obvious draw downtown but if you are bringing the kids, there are activities just for them. the grand prix features live music, a go cart track and three zones offering interactive games for the kids. we have coverage, christian schaffer is live downtown. we are hearing the cars racing by already. loud i'm guessing. >> reporter: (inaudible.)
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[technical difficulties] (inaudible.) howard street crosses pratt street , the light rail track. for the race course, that light rail track is difficult for the cars to get over. last year, they have a shy cane, a curvy thing that the drivers had to go through to get across it. it slows them down. they didn't want to have it. this year as they began testing, they realized the cars -- crashing back down.
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it's dangerous. (inaudible.) (inaudible.) as christian schaffer was showing, it's very loud. you got to bring the headphones for the grand prix this weekend. for anything and everything grand prix, log on to
5:05 pm there is an interactive map showing you the best ways to get around downtown. lots of traffic and stories on the drivers, the track and all the races, it's prix. for the big event to go off without a hitch, the racers need dry roads. are they going to get them all weekend? that's the question for wyatt everhart. what is the racing forecast? >> looking goods through late day sunday. the last race on sunday afternoon, potentially, a shower there. we are optistic that will hold off. a hot start to the race practice. mid 1r-9d in tinner harbor -- 90s in the inner harbor. the humidity on the moderate side. not as muggy as the same scenario in late july obviously compared to august. west virginia, crystal clear. great travel weather on this labor day friday afternoon. watching the remnants of isaac,
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not threatening the weather in maryland until the latter part of the holiday weekend. clear, dry, upper 80s tonight. it's going to be warm if you are headed down to check out the race car practice. we will talk about how hot things are saturday and look to the chap for rain coming up. it was a very emotional fist week of school andist come to an end at perry hall high school. students will get a long week to recover, danny will be on their minds,. >> his parents are by his side at maryland shock tra massachusetts that's where they have been since he was shot at the perry hall high school calf tina monday morning. -- cafeteria monday morning. when the father got to his son, he had relief because he saw his son was still alive. >> the biggest fear is that he
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wouldn't be when i got here. >> he is scared. he alsos you know, hears what everybody tells him. it's got to be done. they are trying to make him better. >> there is also a push to get that woman, lady gaga to visit daniel. he is a huge fan. something is in the works but what it is, we don't know. the tone for 15 yield bobby gladden jr. says he didn't intend to shoot anyone. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. the arundel county man accused of calling himself the joker and making threats about shooting up his former wok place will be monitored 24/7 by gps. a judge ordered neil prescott to way a tracking device op his apingel while in detention.
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prescott will only be allowed to leave his parents home where he is staying for medical appointments. he has opinion getting outpatient mental health treatment and will not have access to guns. prescott's next hearing is scheduled for september 11th. hundreds of people are expected to gather for a vigil, remembering sherman waldon. his body was recovered in middle river yesterday. he had been missing since eler when officials say he disappeared after trying to help two women who drifted away from the boat. his son says that's the kind of thing his father would do. it's being held on wilson point road. his family says there are also plans to hold a memorial service for waldon and his wife who recently died from a stroke. three people are dead after a shooting at a grocery store this morning in old bridge new jersey. a gunman opened fire in a path mark store killing an 18-year- old woman, a 24-year-old man
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and himself. 12 to 14 workers were in the closed store at the time of the shooting. >> the shooter left the store somewhere around 3:30 in the morning, and came back shortly there after, he entered the store firing his weapon. two of the employees were shot and killed. the others were able to hide and escape. >> prosecutors do not believe the two victims in the store were specifically targeted. the gunman was armed with a hand gun and ak 47 assault rival. he was dead when police arrived on the scene. they haven't released his name. vikings and texans, turned deadly for a fan in houston. the man fell from a 5th floor escalator to a ground floor. he died in the emergency room. the man was 25 years old, but they are waiting to release his identity. the circumstances of the fall
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are still under investigation. the worst maybe over when it comes to isaac, clean up from the storm that rocked the south is just beginning. we will have a look at the heart break this deadly storm left behind. two dozen people in one arundel county neighborhood wait to find cars broken in to. why some believe their development was specifically targeted. we are tracking the weather for your holiday weekend. how will things change by labor day? we have the answers straight ahead. kate and i have been married for 15 years.
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isaac is no long er a hurricane, or even a tropical storm, at least four deaths have been blamed on the system. more than a dozen inches has fallen in cities over the gulf coast and more is still possible. >> reporter: isaac is moving in to the midsection but leaving behind a mess in louisiana.
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you can see the devastation, entire neighborhoods under water, flood waters rising, hundreds of miles of coast, a soggy mess. >> we have never flooded this bad. >> reporter: the faces of desperation, young and old, many stranded, needing to be rescued. >> how are you feeling? >> scared. >> tell me about it. >> it's okay. >> four people killed by isaac, three in louisiana, one in mississippi. >> reporter: this woman waded through the destruction in search of her father. hundreds of thousands are still without power, more than 15,000 utility workers are on the case in louisiana, mississippi and arkansas. four gulf states remain under
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flash flood warning. mitt romney will join louisiana governor bobby jindal, touring hard hit areas outside new orleans. president obama will do a tour of his on on monday. isaac has a chance to do goodment it will dump rain on drought striggen parts of the country. it's too much for the sea level areas and the state can't take the rain. we have just the opposite. crystal clear weather to kick off what should be a good looking labor day weekend. the fly in the ointment will come on labor day. 92s it's wham. a hot summer day to wrap up the month of august. it's been a hot summer. might as well anybody up the
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last day of august. wet throughout the afternoon, -- weather throughout the afternoon, beautiful skies over kept idea, people getting the boats ready for the long weekend. temperatures now across the region, in the mid-90s, 94 marriottsville, 89 annapolis. 90 easton and 90 rock hall. you can see for those traveling to the beach, upper 80s there. if u headed to the mountains, 81, deep creek lake. pleasant to the far east and far west. here is a look at the winds from the west right now. light and available. one thing you note, luckily for us the humidity retreat ad lib. last night, pushed south a bit. the drier air is in place for the moment. the hot temperatures not as sticky as they other wise would. crystal clear, statewide. hardly a cloud in the sky anywhere in the state of maryland. as we go in to the day tomorrow, another bright sunny
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day, maybe a few additional clouds. a stray shower in the evening is not out of the question. the better chance for rain will come late day sunday with this line out of the west, and optimist they can most of the weather will stay out of the un labor day monday, time frame. showers, better chances as we go in to the last part of the weekend there. rem naps of isaac, you can see we are tracking significant rain, for the moment this is welcome rain for a change. suppose the flooding in louisiana, drought stricken missouri, southern illinois, all getting some welcome rain, it won't break the drought but knock a deputy in it as they get four inches plus, satellite view, isaac, remnants now, two power house storms in the open atlantic here, looking at kirk, these are two systems of interest but recurving storms mean they will curve out to sea and avoid the u.s. coastline.
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neither of the storms will be a concern for anything but shipping interest out in the open sea. tonight, 69 in baltimore. clouds, mild night tomorrow as we kick off the grand prix. 90, fairly hot. dress light. see clouds increase late in the day, optimist they can anything other than an isolated shower would be unexpected. sunday, though, a late day shower or storm possible. the better chances for showers and storms will come as we go in to your labor day monday and lingering in to tuesday. basically, again, a good start to the weekend, tonight, tomorrow, and perhaps early sunday will be good. it's that afternoon in to sunday night where we think we will see the showers. the grand prix if we get those races in on sunday, we will be getting in about the whole event dry for the most part. the tail end is a little bit dicey. >> that's good news. could you believe how how do you that was this christian's
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live shot. >> i was down there for a couple of races. the two biggest they think so are the noise and the raw speed of those things going by in the city. >> it's amazing. my kids spent the whole weekend like this they thought it was too loud and overwhelming. your forecast just a click away with the abc 2 weather app, go to, you can download the app, or tex w wmar to 4266. going google is tracking the trends and searches out of tampa. what people are searching may surprise you. inside google space for how it works. >> reporter: we are what we search, the world's largest search engine carves a space in
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tampa. google's presence at the rnc and dnc is more than digital sheik. they are useing what we are searching to track political trends. like the speeches by ann romney and paul ryan, certain lines saw certain spikes in google activity. >> that was 42 years ago. i survived. we have five sons and 18 beautiful grandchildren. >> to this day, my mom is my role model. >> reporter: its an option prevalent now than ever, instant answers about a candidates position and
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personality. a trend that will continue when they take center stage in charlotte. >> well you've had the talk with your kids, talk about the dangers of drugs, a new study gist you more ammo in the battle to keep them away from pot. the impact tests show marijuana has on their iq. plus they are crucial for moms sanity and baby's health. how to get your little one on the schedule that's going to help you both.
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in health alert, evidence
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parents should worry about teens using marijuana, a study links dependence on pot with lower iq scores. researchers found those who became cannabis dependant before age 18 showed a lower iq. getting kids to be healthy and active may start with mom and dad. parents who are exercising are likely to exercise themselves. even if parents start out with low levels of activity for example they increase the exercise, their children get influenced as well. >> we have known that parents who are active tend to have active kids. this was the first study that looked at taking families that were less active than we would like them to be and increasing their physical activity levels. >> the study found when parents set a goal to increase steps by 2000 a day, children took the steps, too.
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if mom and dad didn't hit the mac, children fell short also. a good way for families to get active is get outside and have fun together. ask any mom, they will tell you some days nap times go smoothly, other days it is a battle. it's important for the kids to get the rest they need. start a routine nap schedule once your baby is 6-9 months old. >> a tip about napping is have consistency, offer the same place to sleep everyday at roughly the same time. >> children usually stop napping between 3-5 years of age but still need down time or quiet time even if they don't go to sleep. people are ready to give up naps if they can stay awake all day and don't become grouchy around dinner time. . two dozen car break ins in
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arundel have people in one neighborhood angry and changing their ways. why thieves went after theirs specifically. we are heading downtown as drives hit the track for the first time in the second running of the grand prix. all you can eat buffets are back. endless eating is all the rage again in restaurants. the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank
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the race could draw more events to baltimore


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